Welcome to the EBR 365 Private Collection!

First, thank you for trusting me to deliver some great content.  I promise not to let you down!

I decided to make it as simple as possible to get your videos, so there are no membership site usernames or passwords that you will have to remember.  Instead, all of my videos will be delivered to you via email.  The email address you provided at checkout will be the address I use to send you the videos.  If for some reason you think you have given me the wrong address, please send a message to  Be sure to include your name and transaction number.

You will start receiving emails from my Private Collection within 24 hours.

You were probably expecting some sort of upsell.  Sorry to disappoint you, but there aren't any.  However, from time to time, there will be some products or services I mention in my videos.  If I feel they are something you will need to increase your business, I will provide a link.

Please note that not all lessons will come in the form of videos.  Sometimes, I get the urge to get a lesson out before I get to the office, so I'll bang it out on the keyboard.  Whatever the delivery method of my lessons, I still guarantee that I will be delivering valuable content.

Keep in mind that not all lessons will pertain to your particular situation.  Some of my training might just sit in your mind vault, until it's needed.  BUT, some of my lessons will have a huge impact on you.

I made this training very affordable, but do not confuse that with being cheap.  I teach what I know to work and my students have been prospering for years.

Thanks again for trusting me,



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Internalize what you learn and put it back out there with a twist!


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