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The EBR 365 Private Collection is where I reveal the tactics used by six and seven figure marketers to QUICKLY build a huge online following of hungry buyers.

Are you an Internet marketer, author, speaker, coach, or even just getting started and don't quite know where to go?  I will show you the simple to follow path towards profiting from your thoughts and ideas by turning them into infoproducts, webinars, and coaching programs that create long lasting revenue.

Every conversation you have, every course you've purchased, every training session you've attended was an opportunity.  I call it an education opportunity.  I'll show you how to internalize what you learn or have learned and put it back out there with your own personal twist.

The folks getting high dollar coaching clients every month, holding six figure webinars, and million dollar product launches aren't lucky.  They aren't special, either.

The only difference between them and you is that someone showed them the way.

My Private Collection is a series of tweaks you can use to explode your following and significantly increase your revenues.  Each week, you will receive at least two lessons that you can put into action right away.

In the first week, I'll show you a simple business hack that can increase affiliate revenues by 20%, without adding more than fifteen minutes a week to your workload.  You'll also learn how to create a list of high ticket coaching buyers in less than an hour, without spending a dime.

And that's just the first week!

My tweaks and hacks come in the form of videos, tutorials, case studies, and emails.  You will get at least two hacks a week that can be easily implemented into your business.

Will every hack be right for you?  Probably not, but I guarantee each lesson will give you a knowledge drop or reminder that will either be helpful later or now for your clients and followers.

If you are wanting to create a huge online following, build your platform, and have a crowd of people waiting to buy your products, then my Private Collection is the investment you need to make.

In addition to my weekly, hacks, videos, tutorials, and case studies, you will get immediate access to the following bonuses...

    BONUS #1 - The Expert Fame WordPress Theme.  This theme was specially created for marketers, coaches, authors, and the like that want to grow their online following and be seen as the leading expert in their niche.  If you were to buy this theme from us, you would pay $197.

    BONUS #2 - Database of Over 400 Radio & Podcast Talk Shows.  This is pure gold!  This database includes contact information of the hosts or their producers, the ones who are hungry for expert guests, like you.  I'll even be including my proven techniques on how to approach these shows to get booked as a guest.  The value of the database and training is over $400.

    BONUS #3 - Two Free Tickets to 365 Live.  This is a live gathering of some of the top online marketing experts and up and comers.  You will learn from, hang out, and network with some of the most well known faces on the Internet.  You will leave with a life changing game plan to put yourself out there, be recognized as a thought leader in your field, and create products and services that will leave your customers craving for more.  This two day event will take place at the Golden Nugget Casino on the beach in Biloxi this winter (dates coming soon).  Non members will pay $497 per ticket.  You get two free tickets valued at $994.

You get all this for being a member of EBR 365 Private Collection.  It's a total value of $1,591 in bonuses alone!

One More Bonus...

In your second month of membership to EBR 365 Private Collection, I will send you a personally autographed copy of my bestselling book Millionaire Within: Untold Stories from the Internet Underworld.  I'll ship it to you for free, anywhere in the world.

What is it worth to you to get trained by one of the leading authorities in Expert Fame and Internet Marketing?

Not long ago, I co-founded a service whose members used that service to generate nearly $200 million in sales in just over three years.

I have traveled the world speaking from stage on the very same topics I teach in my Private Collection.  I have given keynote speeches for Harvard University, Affiliate Summit, and many more prestigious organizations.  Television star James Malinchak and world renowned marketing expert Armond Morin have turned to me to teach their paying students.  I have shared the stage with rock stars like Seth Godin, Frank Kern, and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington.

Let me bring this experience to you!  Through your membership in EBR 365 Private Collection, I will show you the road map I used to make it all happen.

Enroll today as a charter member of the EBR 365 Private Collection for just $19 per month and receive my ongoing training and business hacks, plus all of the bonuses mentioned above.

What?  You were expecting a higher price?  Maybe something like $997 with a choice of three “easy payments?”  Nope!  Not today!  You can become a charter member for just $19 a month.  Is $19 a month worth investing in yourself?  If so, click the join button below and you'll be having ah-ha moments within the hour.

EBR 365 Private Collection

Try the EBR 365 Private Collection risk free.  If you don't feel like you are getting your money's worth, get a 100% refund anytime during the first month.  After that, you can cancel anytime and never be charged again.

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Internalize what you learn and put it back out there with a twist!

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